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*PTL conditions

-min. 2 days loading/offloading flexibility needed.
-loading/offloading from the side must be possible - if not, please advise!
-if not exact LM/Kg provided, our proposal must be confirmed.
-we do not accept fix deliveries, other crucial appointments have to be advised in advance
-no additional cost will be accepted without previous warning!
-in case the loading place loads more LM/KG then agreed, the client has to cover the extra cost connected to the issue + waiting hours needed to clarify the issue.
-if loading partial cargos, let us know if you do not want to load particular kind of cargo next to yours – load refusal after no explicit information, will follow to extra cost.
-after arrival, we only guarantee 3hrs waiting/loading/offloading time, every hour over 3hrs will be charged by 40€ (max 400€/24hrs)
-we are not giving away any contact details of our hauliers/partners - should this information be necessary for loading or any other activitie connected to the transport, you have to advise before sending the order.
-in case of order cancellation in the day of loading we charge 80% of the agreed transport rate
-in case the transport will be postponed in 1 or more days in the day of loading, we charge waiting cost as per 8th point of this conditions
-you should provide us complete information about the transported goods and its value - our insurance covers 8,33SDR/1kg - in case your cargo has higher value, we need the information before loading.
-we do not accept higher replacement truck cost then 10% of previously agreed rate - only in case of delay of 24hrs (if agreed fix collection/delivery)
-we do not transport ADR goods, goods for which is a special licence needed and high value goods (FTL value higher then 100.000€) without previous agreement -in case we will not be informed before confirming the order, the extra cost connected to the issue will be invoiced to you
-we do not accept any additional cost without a proof / cost for loading equipment & packaging purchased at the loading place must be confirmed by a signature and written name of the driver – information about this purchase must be sent within 10 days after loading, otherwise we can not guarantee the payment!

-we do not accept any invoices for loading material and packaging materials without being previously agreed with the agent - the need for specific equipment or pallet change must be explicitly agreed per email!

-you ensure that the goods are packed sufficiently and it will protect the goods from all risks during the transportation (swinging, vibration, humidity, reloading operations etc.) - we are obliged to speak out doubts, which might lead to cancellation of the shipment - extra cost connected to repacking or waiting will be charged as per point 8 of these conditions or point 10 in case of cancellation.

-our drivers are only providing the transportation, any extra activities like loading/offloading assistance has to be paid extra to the transport charge. If the loading/offloading assistance not agreed before accepting the order, the driver has the right to refuse the assistance and waiting will be charged as per 8th point of this conditions...

-we are a freight forwarding agency and all transports are made by our subcontractors, therefore you will receive the CMR with hidden information about our haulier - should this be a problem for you, inform us immediately.
*you were informed about this matter and we do not accept any delays of our invoices for that reason!

- we are not sending original paperwork per post – scanned Copy only!! Should this be a problem, let us know immediately!!

-we only accept bank transfer payments (bank account stated on the invoice) – no extra reductions without previous agreement accepted.
-this agreement is governed by Austrian substantive law and the court of jurisdiction is in Innsbruck.


GB - Should you have difficulties understanding these conditions, let us know immediately!!
DE - Sollten Sie Schwierigkeiten haben, diese Bedingungen zu verstehen, bitte um sofortiges Bescheid!!
FR - Si vous avez des difficultés à comprendre ces conditions, veuillez nous le faire savoir immédiatement !!
IT - In caso di difficoltà nel comprendere queste condizioni, fatecelo sapere immediatamente!!


Thank you / Danke/ Gracias / Merci / Grazie

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